A very important value where I live is education. Parent's will do all that they can in order to provide good education for their kids--and even more important are the student's grade in the class. The students have this mindset drilled into their brains so much, that in my classes students will almost daily ask me where they fare in the class (ie who has the highest grades and where do they stand in that). It's all about what "post" you get (and it doesn't end after you finish your degree--it really continues into society with jobs!). At first, I was surprised by these questions from my students and wasn't sure how to respond, but now I plainly say that I will only tell them their grade and no one else's. Of course, they do learn from everyone else where they placed in the class because everyone shares their grades openly, but at least they don't learn it from me! 

This was taken when I was doing the photo exhibition for the university. They offer a program for children of support staff at our university, that most of the time are not able to send their children to good schools. I really enjoyed going into these classrooms to take these photos. The kids were so eager to learn!

I think in America we really take for granted the good education we can receive. I know I did. I never realized how good I had it until coming here! There are many good schools here, but many people can't afford them or in smaller areas they don't have the facilities.

It's interesting how your perspective changes once you live abroad--the things I have thought through now would have never crossed my mind before.