Vests & Diversity

Vests are a very common thing here to dress up your suit and/or to stay warm in the winter. You can see that these two guys are wearing two very different styled and colored vests. I'm unsure if the color/style means that they are from different parts of the country--I'll have to look that up. 

When I see diversity, I see beauty and creativity. These two gentlemen are from the same country, yet look so different, probably speak a different mother tongue, wear different clothes, and so forth; yet both are equally and wonderfully made in their own ways. I'm so thankful God made everyone so different. It makes life interesting.

I do hope and pray that everyone would have this mindset--that sectarian violence would end. That racism would end. To think that anyone is better than the other is just a lie. We are all people, made by God. The only difference I see is that God is greater than all of us created people! When we forget that, we are heading down a very dangerous road. 

Okay, rant over. :)