Bridal Wear

The bridal clothing here is elaborate, colorful, detailed and bold. 

I am honestly in love with all the bright colors and sequencing. 

However, knowing that just came out of my mouth makes me realize how much I've changed. Ask my Mom - I used to only wear solid, neutral colors with no patterns at all. My wedding colors were red, black and white. How simple can that get?! I was such a tomboy when I was younger.

Anyways, I digress. Bride's here have many outfits for their weddings, as weddings here are much longer than American weddings. All the weddings I've gone to have been at least three days long, with the bride and groom wearing something different each day. Amazing (and expensive!). Not sure how they pull it off without going into major debt.

Maybe, if someone is really nice to me, I will post a picture or two of Joshua and me in bridal wear. :) When we first visited about 5 years ago now(!!), our friend dressed me up in a lehenga (the name of the bridal dress), did my makeup, hair, nails--the works!--and then dressed up Joshua in the groom's outfit and had a photo shoot of us. :) It was fun and embarrassing. It was fun because I liked experiencing what it was like dressing up and at that time had no idea what it was like. It was embarrassing because the rest of the family (uncles, cousins, etc.) came over and for about an hour we had at least 10 sets of eyes on us while we took pictures. :) Oh living abroad! It's filled with so many embarrassing, yet wonderful moments!