Watches, Flashlights & Sunglasses

So we've been traveling and I haven't been able to post any photo of the day posts, so here's my first February one. Thank God, this was our last bit of traveling until April! I am so done with traveling and want to just be home.

This photo above was taken at a market with my wide angle (24mm) lens. You can find all kinds of watches, flashlights and sunglasses here! These places kind of overwhelm me though. It's not because of all the stuff, it's the seller that will stand and stare at you. There is no concept of just looking at things in a store here (ie "window shopping"). You look to buy. I've gotten used to it now, having the sellers follow me around their store (not just at the market but any store), but I always am giddy when I enter a store and am left alone until I need someone. :)

Oh, culture. I am going to have so many stories when I go back to the State's! :)