Project Update & POTD


Here's today's photo of the day (POTD)! This silhouetted mosque was taken on a photo walk with some of my students. The sun was setting rapidly and I managed to snag this photo on the way out. 

And now for "The Beauty of People Project" update! 

@ashleytruckey via Instagram:  This is about to go down. #excited #beautyofpeopleproject #photoproject #vscocam

@ashleytruckey via Instagram: This is about to go down. #excited #beautyofpeopleproject #photoproject #vscocam

Yesterday was fun! I set up a booth at the cultural festival and took tons of photos. I had a few hiccups (like accidentally melting part of my umbrella with a light that had been placed overhead in the tent...!), but overall it was a hit! I'll be editing the photos this week and will be sending the photos to all of the students. I will be posting some online, of course, so be on the lookout for them! Here is one of me after the event. I was SO tired (although you can't tell it in this picture!).

Will post pictures from the event soon!