Beauty of People

So I'm really excited! I had this project idea and I wasn't sure how I'd do it, but it looks like it's going to work out! 

Basically, I'm going to do a project showing the beauty of people here in this country, at the university I'm teaching at. I am setting up a photo booth at the cultural festival this Friday and students will come and 'pay' to have their photo taken and sent to them. Alongside of this, they will sign off for me to be able to use their photo for this project. I won't be doing much with the photos as of now except posting them on my website, but I'm really excited to show off God's creation. They are really so loving, caring, kind and passionate. So thankful I have had the honor to know them, learn from them, and get to live life with them.

Also with this project, I just want to remind people how much we are alike, regardless of where we're from. We all have a beauty that God has created within us. I hope that this breaks some stereotypes that people have about this region of the world. 

This is first my student, but now a friend. She was in my photography class. She wants to be a wildlife photographer. I think she's totally capable and praying that God would open to door for her to do that. You go friend! 

Will post more on this at a later time. :)