Where I live, gardening is really important. Everyone has many plants in their yards or on their balcony. I think it stems from living in a place that doesn't have much greenery or many beautiful, clean things around. It's amazing what plants can add to a place! The bad thing for me is not being able to keep plants alive. :) Does anyone else have this problem?

On another note, I had the pancake party with my students this past weekend and it was a blast! We had so much fun together eating pancakes and other yummy things. At one point we all shared our talents and sang songs to each other. In the US people don't do this, but here it's totally common for different people to sing different songs at parties. Afterwards we went to a famous Mosque and on the way we encountered some interesting a protest about valentines day, a donkey cart that completely scratched the side of our car, and lots and LOTS of traffic. At one point, we were at an intersection where no one was following the traffic signals and everyone was trying to get through. So we were in the middle of the road, sandwiched by motorbikes, cars, donkey's, and bicycles. I think we all sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for each other to move. Such is life. :) This is really quite normal for us!

Have a great week!