Need Your Advice

I need your advice. I asked this question the other day and I got one response (thank you person who responded!), but I want more opinions.

The last two years I have done a photo a day (or my best go at it) and it's been fun, but I am wondering if there is some other way to develop my skill as a photographer. So...what should I do? 

I have some ideas:

  1. "A Photo A Day" Monthly Challenge: Every month have a different challenge that I collaborate with my photo of the day:
    • For example, January-objects that are red; February-Portraits; March-objects you find in your kitchen; and so on. I am making these up as I go, the topics will be decided beforehand if this is what I decide to do.
  2. Weekly Portraits with a Story: My idea with this is to find someone to photograph and share their story. It wouldn't be a long story, but it would be like small stories of people's lives with a couple pictures of them.
  3. Monthly Story: I have had this idea forever, but it truly intimidates me. I've had the idea of asking different families or single person if I could photograph what their day looked like and then creating a photo story out of it. So basically, I would follow them around the entire day, take pictures of them, their kids, etc. and then share a story of their day in pictures on my blog. I realistically couldn't do more than one a month, that's why it would be monthly.
  4. Weekly Food Shots: I've had the idea of trying my hand at taking pictures of food. So I would take an item/meal a week and photograph it. It could be fun!
  5. Weekly Movement Shots: Movement shots can be difficult to capture, so I've had the idea of trying to master my ability of taking pictures of movement. It could be showing movement in a photo, taking an action shot, etc. It's a pretty broad category because there is so much movement in life!

So whatcha think? Take part in my poll below to help me out!

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This photo of the day (below) was taken in Houston at a park with my mom and sister on a photo walk. I've mentioned this photo walk several times (I took many photos there!). I love the colors, depth of field, bokeh, etc. That's how it made the POTD slot! :)

Don't forget to vote on my poll above!!

Thanks in advance!