Looking up into the Sky

When we went to Thailand in August, I did a photo walk where I took many pictures of everything around me. It was fun. I am very much an extrovert and would have loved company, but it was nice just walking around alone and taking whatever pictures I wanted to. 

During my time, I sat down under a tree at one point in front of some sand and rocks, overlooking the beautiful, blue ocean and I happened to look up and I loved what I saw.

I loved the sky, the colors of the green and the almost silhouette of the leaves with the sun peeking through. I changed my angle a little and the next picture is from the same area, but not into the sun. I loved it, too!

It's amazing to me how if you just change your angle slightly you can get such different results. I'm not sure which picture I like better. 

So, if you're out with your camera today--whatever camera you have--take the shot when you see one, but change your angle afterwards and you'd be surprised at what you get!

Happy Friday!