A Docked Ship

When we went to Istanbul, Turkey, we walked a lot! One day we decided to take the metro out a long ways and then walked all the way back. Our feet hurt afterwards, but we really enjoyed the sites, like this one.

We just happened to be walking by when this big ship was docked. We stood there for a while and even watched it leave. It was beautiful with the scenery behind it. I'll post that one another day and keep you in suspense. :)

The last few days have been extremely busy. Joshua and I have recently changed our jobs and are no longer working for a university, but for a language and culture center. At this center we're wanting to offer some other languages besides English, like Chinese. Due to this, we have a Taiwanese couple that came to check things out, to see what things are like here and how they could offer their services. So, the last two days we have been doing Chinese classes and the response has been overwhelming--people really want to learn Chinese here!

So if I don't post something in the next couple days, you know why!