Overtaken by Green

Have you ever tried to challenge yourself by choosing a color to focus on while you shoot? If your color was green, this would have been a great find.

I took these pictures in Houston, Texas, USA while on a photo walk with my mom and sister. It was a lot of fun--we took too many pictures and had a good time doing it. I love the brightness of the green and the texture of the leaves. 

As I've said in other posts, on photo walks, focusing on a particular color, shape or line will help your eyes see things that they normally wouldn't. Try it--it'll be fun as you hunt. You could even make it a competition among your other photographer friends.

I think I like the first photo more, but there is something about the second one that catches my eyes. So I decided to post both. :) Good thing I'm in charge of the rules, eh?

Hope that your day is full of color and brightness like these photos!