Daunting, but Doable

Earlier this year, we were out shopping at a market and I was photographing random things. I saw this man working in his store and after some self-pep-talking, I decided to gather up courage to ask this man if I could take his picture. He was surprised, but more than happy to have his picture taken. I was startled! I have never had someone say no, but there are always opposite scenarios that play out in my mind. I expect the worst.

Let's face it, asking complete strangers if you can take their picture can be daunting, but most of the time it turns out just fine! It's completely doable. I think most of the time, I'm afraid that people will be upset when I ask, so I don't. Sometimes I see people in such beautiful lighting and I would love to take their portrait.

This is a fear that I want to break. What about you? Do you have this problem? What are your ideas for breaking this fear?

If you come up with anything, let me know. Happy Friday!