Consider the Flowers

The last few days have been intense for us. It would take many blogposts to explain, but mainly we have been trying to get everything sorted for us to remain in our city. We've been working on this process since we arrived in the beginning of September, but it has proven to take longer than two months. Albeit this has been challenging, we are finally at a good spot. We have all the documents, memberships, sign-off's and so on. The only thing that isn't good is that our current visa expires on the 21st (this upcoming Wednesday).

As I've reflected today, what I find interesting is that I haven't found this whole process too worrisome. The constant trips to different offices repetitively (we've found that the lucky number is somewhere around 4-5 times) hasn't been too burdensome. Finding out, after you think you know the process, that you need another letter wasn't too bad. Yes, it would have been nice to know that before, but it's doable. Even people saying no hasn't been tragic (they've all said yes in the end, so it's worked out). 

What is stressful and burdensome is the constant anticipation for an outcome.

The last couple of days, I have wondered why both Joshua and I are so irritable. I was so perplexed by this because generally we get along great. It suddenly dawned on me today that the stress of waiting and anticipating, and a deadline fast approaching can definitely wear on people. It kind of goes back to my previous blogpost about waiting for the perfect wave. We are anticipating, hoping, etc. without any conclusive answers yet. For this situation to resolve would be so nice right about now!

So with all this in mind, as I was posting my photo of the day it reminded me that this doesn't have to pan out for me to have contentment wherever I'm at. We have been living in a state of unknown, but it doesn't matter.

It doesn't change who God is.

In Matthew 6 (in the Bible), Jesus talks about how we shouldn't be anxious about our lives because God knows and will take care of us. He talks about the birds, how they don't store away in barns, but God provides for them. He creates beautiful flowers that don't 'toil or spin'. He created the grass, which is here today and gone tomorrow. But us...we are much more of value than those things. How much more will he care for us? (This is my paraphrase, read the verses here)

It is true. God greatly cares for you and me and is much bigger than our situations. So although I want things to resolve, I will just have to keep living in "unknown land". At least one thing is for sure--even though I'm in "unknown land", God is with me. I'm not doing this alone. I'm so thankful!

Whether you're in a good place today or are anticipating an outcome, I pray you know God is with you.