Learning & Growing

So I've always considered myself an ambient-light-kind-of-gal when it came to photography, but lately I've been exploring off camera lighting and it's opening my eyes to a world of possibilities. I'm quite limited in what I can do--currently only have one strobe, one umbrella, one stand, one set of triggers, some gels and a tripod. However, I'm learning a lot through this process of trial and error. Of course, The Strobist's website is helping greatly and I've been scouring the web for other help, too. Here is a picture from my experimentation:


I feel like this is a flashback into the past with all the darkness and just the face lightened, but I feel this is an accomplishment that I figured out how to do that. You people who know off camera lighting know how simple this is, but for me, it was a huge feat. 

If you know about off camera lighting and know of some great resources, I would love to hear about them. I've heard of Joe McNally's Hot Shoe Diaries and other books recommended by the Strobist--just haven't plunged in yet. If you have any other recommendations, let me know!

Happy Monday!