It's fun to experiment. Today in my class we learned about landscape photos. We discussed the different kinds of landscape photos--there are three types: Representational, Impressionistic and Abstract. I took two of the above today--the top is impressionistic and the bottom is representational. Obviously, representational is strictly showing what you see in front of you, whereas impressionistic is a little less real and vague. You know it's a landscape, but it's not clear like a representational landscape that has no changes to it.

After we learned about these, we went out and tried to capture the different styles and just practice landscape photos. It was fun! We went out to the front part of the campus where not many students were and we snapped away for about an hour. 

So if you're into photography, you should go out and challenge yourself with these ideas. It's fun. :) Just go do it and then leave a comment below and tell me how your experimenting went!