Evergreen Trees & Photo Walks

This was recently taken at my friend's house in their front yard. I love the color of the green--it's so bright and fresh looking. Wish I saw more things like this where I live. :)

On another note, I LOVE TEACHING! Have I said this before?! ;) I took my students on a photo walk today and it was so fun helping them see in different perspectives, playing with settings, etc. I am seeing SOOO much improvement! So exciting!

Tomorrow we will do another photo walk, except this one will be focused on landscapes. Then the next day I am going to have a whole bunch of challenges in the class where the students will have to work together in order to get a good photo. I won't share what they are (because perhaps one of my student's is reading?), but it's going to be fun.

Can't wait to show some of these at the end next week.