Photo Challenge #2

So all I have to say is: Photography + Teaching = A very happy and fulfilled Ashley!

I am in LOVE with teaching photography!! It has been so fun to see, in such a short time, my students progress with their photos. They are truly beginning to see what makes a good picture and are asking such great questions. It's been great for me too, because as you all know, when you teach something you learn more about it yourself! 

So I challenged my students to take a photo using the rule of thirds this past weekend. The rule of thirds is basically when you divide your picture into thirds both horizontally and vertically and then place your subject on one of those lines. I do this ALL the time. The previous picture of the day was of prayer flags in the bottom third of the picture. And today's picture of the day is also following the rule of thirds, which is of my friend Amjid and his new wife:

Such a simple rule, but yields great results! This week I'm challenging my students to take a portrait and a landscape, since that's what we're focusing on this week. We'll see what they turn in! 

I think at the end of the class, I'm going to display the best photos submitted by my class on my website for you to view. Keep in mind that these students are brand new to photography. I only have one student that knows quite a bit. Meaning--these students are going to wow you with how well they're doing in a short time. 

If you can't tell I'm happy then you obviously are not paying attention. :)