Market Gazing

One thing I love to do in a new culture is to look at how people buy their food. In Darjeeling, there was a section of stalls where all the vendors sat next to all their fruit/vegetables and waited for people to come to them. One thing I just don't understand in South Asia is that there will be 50 vendors all next to each other, all selling the same things. How do you know which one to go to?!? Perhaps someone can shed some light on that for me.

I can't believe it, but tomorrow ends the first 1/3 of my photography class! This is going by quickly. Today we will cover the functions of our camera. I am excited about it--we're going to learn Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field and Shutter Speed. 

And...lastly, I am really excited because I recently received my first full off-camera lighting kit (a light stand, a strobe, triggers)! I have many ideas in mind that I'm going to be playing with in the coming week. :)

Enjoy your day!