Strengths & Weaknesses

I love taking pictures of people--it's my absolute favorite kind of photography. I did a photo shoot the other day with a family and I enjoyed every minute of it! Chasing the kids around, making them laugh, interacting with the adults and having fun--what a blast! 

I think one of the biggest ways that a photographer can grow is to do something that they know is their weakness. For me, my weakness is inanimate objects or plants/flowers. Taking photos of people comes natural--I just see the moment and how to place people and I have so much fun doing it. However, with plants and objects, they just sit there. They don't smile. They don't run around like kids. So I have to manipulate myself around the object in order to get a photo that expresses the beauty in that object. 

I think that is an incredibly hard task!! The patience and learning how to see things differently is a skill needed for that kind of work.

So below is a plant I saw that I thought was nice. Not sure what it is....but, I think it made for a nice photo.

In your skill/craft--what is your strength? your weakness? How are you working to grow your weaknesses? Would love to hear your thoughts!