Photo Exhibition

This November, I will be putting together a photo exhibition of the University I work for. I'm very excited about it! When they asked me I was so flattered and honored to do this for them. It's apart of a celebration of 150 years the campus has been open. Alongside of it, students will compete to have their photos also posted with mine. 15 students will be chosen and the first three will receive cash prizes.

I've been going around all over campus, taking photos of students, faculty, gardeners, guards, and many more people. It's been a fun task for me--and a stretching one, too! Below is one of the photos I took of a student during my photo walk around campus. I'm not going to use it for the exhibition, but I thought it was a good photo. 

This looks very typical of photos I see in this country--most of the time people pose as if they are models with serious faces. I really want to go past that norm and produce something completely different for this project. When I have my final selection I'll definitely post it, but after the exhibition. I don't want to give any sneak peeks! :)