Turkish Coffee

Joshua has developed a taste for coffee over the years, so when he went to Turkey was very interested in finding out about the Turkish way to make coffee. What you see below, is a Turkish coffee pot!

They have different sizes--this is probably for one or two people (I think...). You can also buy larger ones as well, if you wanted to make coffee for multiple people. We saw these coffee pots everywhere, and at first, we had no idea what they were used for! However, quickly over time we figured it out and then Joshua had the experience of learning how to make coffee at someone's restaurant. 

I'm a tea lover, so I don't know what Turkish coffee tastes like. :) I wish I liked coffee, but, I truly find it disgusting. Hopefully I didn't offend any of you too badly. :) If you come to our house though, I can make you a good cup of coffee or tea, so I'm not that against it. 

Anyways, have a great Sunday!