Making Friends

Wherever we go, we like to make friends. We don't like to spend much of our time alone--in fact, we've been known to ditch our date times to find someone to hang out with! :) We are both extroverts and need people. 

When we were in the Southern part of Turkey, we went to one restaurant and that day it happened to be slow for them. As we ordered our food, waited for our food to cook, etc. we ended up making friends with the people in the restaurant. 

This man was so kind. He really enjoyed talking with Joshua and asking him different questions. They talked about his family, Turkey, where we're from, what we're doing, etc. It was really enjoyable. After meeting and talking with him, every time we passed his restaurant, he always waved and smiled really big. They were so friendly, they showed Joshua how to make Turkish Coffee! They took him in the back of their restaurant and showed him step by step how to make it. It made us feel so special!

I think, from experience, when someone asks you about your home and about your traditions/customs, people are more than happy to tell you about it. It makes them feel special and loved. It shows me again, how we are all so similar--regardless of where we come from! 

If all of us around the world could see that - I wonder what peace that would bring? Some problems are huge and complicated, but I just wonder on a ground level, what would happen if people looked at others and saw that they are the same on a basic level? 

I want to challenge you, reader, to go and make some friends. Particularly, if you can, go make a friend with someone radically different from you. You will be so surprised at how much your life is enriched when you have other people around you from other cultures and backgrounds. If you accept my challenge and do it - tell me about it!! I want to hear. Leave a comment below!