Glass Lanterns

Lanterns seem to be taking up many of my posts (look here and here)! I guess colorful things catch my eyes, and I can't help but capture them creatively in a photo.

I remember when I shot this photo--I was testing out a new lens my friend brought me from the State's. My other lens had bit the dust here (and you can't really buy lenses for good prices where I live), so I anxiously awaited this new lens and when I got it I instantly fell in love. It is the Canon 24mm f/2.8--yes, a w-i-d-e lens! :) I never knew how fun these lenses are to play with! It makes things challenging---it's so wide, sometimes you have a hard time filling the frame. However, it is a sharp shooter (many of the photos I've posted have been from this lens) and it's fun to capture images with.

This photo is another glass lantern, but I loved the shape and colors of it. These were strung up on the porch of the hotel we were staying at, and it really added such a nice touch.

I'm sure if you saw this you would have taken a photo of it as well. :)