Continuous, Fresh Water

When we visited Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the cool things we saw on our free tour was this:

Yes, it is water. But it's a special kind of water that this city produces--Mineral water. Mineral water, as the title suggests, contains minerals and other things that give a therapeutic value--that's why they are creating a spa in this area, as this water has known to have healing properties (at least, that's what they said). (You can read more about mineral water here or here, if you're interested)

We tasted it and it was very hot. It had an interesting taste (slightly sulpherous and 'mineral' tasting--go figure), but wasn't that bad. I could get used to it! It was strange for me drinking water like that though--where I currently live you can't drink the tap whatesoever.

Locals go here though often with large jugs that they fill up and take to their homes. Smart folks--that's what I'd do if I lived in that city. 

If you want to see other photos from our trip to Sofia, look here. Thanks for stopping by! :)