The Mark of Spring

While on the free tour in Sofia, Bulgaria (that I mentioned in a previous post), they took us to what looked like a normal tree. I was confused at first, as I was at the front of the tour group and I had no idea what they were going to show us at this tree. While everyone caught up, I took a closer look and saw these:


It is a bracelet made of red and white string that Bulgarian people will exchange and wear from March 1st until they see a stork, swallow or budding tree. When they see one of the following things, they attach it to the tree to mark that spring has come. All of these bracelets or tassels you see here, were worn by people until they saw this tree. I thought it was so interesting! (I was told all of this at the tour, but the details I forgot until I read it here.)

As we walked around the city and saw different trees like the one above, I saw similar bracelets tied and hanging. It was really fun to know about this and be able to see it around the city. 

What traditions in your country are similar? I don't think in America we have anything like this. Or at least, where I grew up we didn't practice anything like this. I thought it was fun to learn about.