Music. It's in Every Culture.

One thing I love about different cultures is that their music is also different. When I first started University, I started as a music major. I LOVE music! It inspires me! I have always played an instrument, as long as I remember--first the piano and then the guitar. I do sing, too. One day I hope to play the cello--I think it's the most beautiful instrument ever. 

I digress. :) My point was that when I was in University, I took an Ethnomusicology class. It's basically the study of other culture's music--the style, the instruments, the differences. It was fascinating listening to some cultures because it sounded very far from what I would consider music to be. However, to them, it was how they expressed themselves. It was their music (even if it were dissonant the entire time!). 

When we went to Turkey we decided to check out music shops as Joshua was interested in purchasing a djembe (an African drum). As we did, we ended up meeting some amazing people. One shop we went into we sat with a man and listened to him play the instrument below. I wish I had thought to take video, but didn't. Needless to say, it was a gift to experience this part of the the culture like we did.

This instrument above is the Saz or Baglama. It only has three strings. All of these you see here are similar to the guitar, but they all have different, distinct sounds. 

These (picture above and below) are called Ud. I thought they were a beautiful instrument and the sound was nice as well.

Maybe one day I'll pick up an instrument from another country--I think that would be really challenging, but fun. We'll see. :)