Pain. It's everywhere.

There is so much pain all around us. No one is excluded, although some would like to think they were and hide it more than others. 

Up until recently I hadn't really paid attention to it. I have guarded my heart incredibly, not trying to notice other's pain, other's hopelessness, other's sadness. However, after recently opening up about my own pain to some friends of mine, I've now seen other people with new eyes. Eyes that understand. Eyes that are full of compassion. Eyes that can't sit idle, but want to help. 

With everything going on across the world shows evidence that people are in pain. Pain from loss, pain from disappointment, pain from all sorts of things. But what can we do? Can we do anything? 

The only person I know that can help is the creator of all - God. The Kingdom He talks about is so rich. So fulfilling. So hopeful. I know everyone doesn't believe the same as me, and that's fine. But I do believe God's Kingdom is the answer to our problems. Until the Kingdom comes, life will continue as is because there is a ruler (namely Satan) here that hates everyone (although he gets others to think the opposite) and wants them all to be in pain. This enemy delights in their pain and suffering. 

God, bring your Kingdom.

Today's photo of the day is of a sunflower. I love sunflowers--they're probably my favorite flower. When they began to grow up around our home, I was surprised and very happy. To me, they show happiness, brightness, beauty and hope. I think that in the midst of our problems, we can still have hope. Hope in what is to come. 

This post is a lot more serious than any of my other posts, but I feel I have so much rambling around in my mind that I want to express. Feel free to comment below, as I've love to talk more about God's Kingdom. I think this photo is fitting for my Kingdom of God project, too. 

Tomorrow will be a happier post - promise. :)