See, Compose & Shoot

One day earlier this year, I did a photo walk around the campus I work at (I teach English here) and I came across a plant that was really beautiful. I hadn't gotten my camera out in a while (when you're's all you do!) and I wanted to do something creative--get my mind off work.

When I am out taking photos, I don't just snap everything I see. Normally, things catch my eyes and I inspect it, looking at how I can compose the photo. I move around to get different perspectives. I think about how the light is hitting the subject and how I can share the beauty of what I see. I then bring the camera to my eyes, look through the frame and try to take different pictures from different angles. I try different depths of field, different shutter speeds, etc. etc. etc. This is what came from it:

When I first started with photography, I thought I could just get lucky when I would take photos. I would see things, of course, but I wouldn't think about my camera settings (in fact, my camera would just stay at a wide aperture), I wouldn't think to move around a bit to change my perspective, I wouldn't think about what my focus was, and on. Perhaps I was a little lucky in the beginning, as I still got clients and had a small business going. However, as I wanted to grow, I switched to RAW format, changed my settings to manual (so I was forced to figure things out), started studying and observing other's work, and I practiced a lot. I'm not where I want to be still, but I hope I'm still growing and changing in how I see things. 

David deChemin, World and Humanitarian Photographer, talks a lot about vision and letting that be your guide. I am struck by his posts, as I want to be driven by the vision that God gives me. I'm still trying to figure that out, but I hope that as I do my photography and other art forms shape with it. I want to be driven by something, not just "shooting in the dark" per say.  (pun intended :-) )

I hope you have enjoyed my photo of the day project--I honestly was only planning on doing it for a month or so. However, I have really enjoyed sharing photos with all of you and I'm going to try to keep it up for some time. Once I resume teaching soon that will tell if I can keep it going! Thanks for stopping by.