A Relaxing Rose Garden

Before coming abroad, I didn't have an appreciation for gardens, flowers, plants, etc. I would think they were pretty, but wouldn't think much past that. These days, however, I notice them wherever I go. I "ooh" and "aww" over them because they are a very pretty thing in a place where greenery doesn't naturally exist. 

When we were visiting the Topkapi Palace (click here to see more posts about the Topkapi Palace) we passed this rose garden and I couldn't help but see so much beauty in it. I think I could put out a hammock, feel the cool breeze and gaze at the flowers for a few hours and it would be so relaxing! 

Now don't ask me to take care of them though. That is one thing that I'm terrible at doing. :) I'll just settle with looking at them and enjoying their beauty.