A Photo a Day...

...keeps the doctor away? Is that the saying? ;)

Well, I haven't been the best about posting, so I'm going to try something new--for me at least! I really want to share some of the fun pictures I took while on my trip to Turkey and Bulgaria. Since I haven't been so good at sitting down to do a long post, I'm going to share a series of posts with one photo each day, to share about my trip. I will also throw in some from previous trips as well since I never got to posting those either!

So without further adieu...

This was taken in the Southern part of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea. It was so beautiful! There were many tourist boat trips offered in the city we were in, so we decided to take one. It was so relaxing. They basically cruised the coastal area and stopped off at different bays to allow us to jump off the boat, swim, snorkel and or just relax on the boat. The water was so clear, blue and cold, yet so refreshing to swim in!

Thanks for looking. More to come soon!