Peaceful Waterfall

Well, I've been gone for a while. That was completely unintentional, but my internet went down and I was unable to post. My internet is still down, but, I was able to get internet on my phone, which is now tethering to my computer. Technology can be wonderful! I have a love/hate relationship with it. :)

Moving on to the photo of the day....

This picture is from our trip to Bulgaria. We only visited Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. What a wonderful city--we really enjoyed it. The food was excellent, the people kind, and there were so many free things to do. On our trip, we decided to hike a trail with some folks who do it daily, completely free (see here if you're going to Sofia--also see here for reviews of the trail--it was a great hike). Joshua and I are not experienced hikers, nor are we super fit, but we managed to do the trail fine--I'd definitely say it was moderate, as they mention on their site. 

We hiked from the Boyana Church to a waterfall and then back down. Here is the waterfall:

It was so nice to see it in person--so calm, peaceful and beautiful. I love the sound of waterfalls!