Cooked with Love

One of the things that Joshua and I agreed on for our vacation was that it had to contain good food. We LOVE food. There is very little that we don't like (like me....I despise olives as you heard in my other post) and we'll try almost anything. 

As we were walking around this bazaar, we were getting really hungry. As we were trying to figure out what to do, we happened to come across about 15 plastic tables and chairs with a delicious smell wafting in the air. It was a small restaurant that sold these quesadilla like things--I think they were called "Pide". They are a flat bread like tortillas or roti that they stuffed with cheese, vegetables and/or meat, that they put on top of a huge grill. It was so delicious! 

This lady that I took a picture of was making all of these. She had such a cheery smile and greeted every single person that walked by with a hi and that smile you see below. While she was making the roti, I gestured to my camera and she shook her head enthusiastically and kept working while she threw me a smile. This food was definitely cooked with love, as joy and love radiates out of this woman's smile. 

I love how I'm constantly reminded of how people really are all the same everywhere. Some people are just joyful--like this woman. You could tell that she really enjoyed serving other people as she made this delicious food. 

Love it!