Turkish Çay (Tea)

Being a tea lover, I was pretty much in heaven in Turkey. I drank a LOT of tea, especially since it was so cheap (1 Turkish Lira a cup = .50 cents USD). Turkish Tea is very simple. It's not filled with lots of milk, or even sugar. They use a Turkish Teapot or a çaydanlık, which is basically two kettles stacked upon each other. The bottom kettle is for the water and the top is where you put the leaves. After the water on the bottom begins boiling, you put some of the water from the bottom into the top where the leaves are. The steam from the bottom kettle is what brews the tea on the top. 

To say the least, Turkish tea is strong...and I like it. :) They do dilute it down some using the water they boiled to cook the tea, but, it's still strong. They also offer sugar cubes with every cup, but I really like the taste of tea, so I didn't use them.


Behind the glass you can kind of see the cup they use for Turkish Coffee. I don't like coffee, but Joshua seemed to enjoy it! 

This post has now made me want some tea! Time to go make some!