Olives, anyone?

Some people call me crazy, but I passionately hate olives. Go ahead...leaves comments below. :) I have tried all different types, canned, fresh, green, black, etc. but I still despise them. My husband on the other hand is in love. And he was in love in Turkey. You can get olives anywhere! In fact, it's what you eat for breakfast with cheese, bread and fresh tomatoes.

This man was showing Joshua all the different types of olives that he had and Joshua was in heaven. Since the man only spoke Turkish, I pointed towards my camera and gestured me taking a picture and the man not only shook his head yes, but posed for me! That doesn't happen all the time. :)

After I took the picture he moved over to see it, smiled real big and shook his head with a laugh. I love taking photos of people!!

More to come tomorrow!