Bread, Bread and MORE Bread!

Do you like bread? I do! A little too much, actually! :) I think on my trip I had bread with every meal. Well friends, Turks like their bread, too--and it's really, really good! Check it out.

I think I tried both of these and they were so good! The bread in the top photo I'm sure has many uses, but I saw it was used for making sandwiches. We had street fish sandwiches (which were amazing) and the man used a half of one loaf for the bread. My personal favorite is called "SImit" (pronounced like Seemee--the 't' is silent). I'll have to post a picture of that another day. It's a very popular bread in Turkey that is seen being sold on the streets in Istanbul. I ate it many days for a snack and for breakfast--and it was only 1 Turkish Lira (which in USD is .50 cents!).

If you're now wanting bread, my apologies! :) It is hard to resist. Thanks for looking!