Creativity in Other Ways

If you've followed me for a while...despite my inconsistency with would have seen that sometimes I get a hankering for creating things besides photos. My friend's birthday is tomorrow, and I decided I wanted to create a decor piece with the verse 'Jeremiah 29:12-13' that I am going to frame and give to her.

I created it in photoshop, using my drawing tablet (kind of like a wiacom pad, but it's a off brand tablet that works just as well). I hand drew some of it and the rest is computerized. I haven't had a chance to really play with drawing on my tablet, so I'm not extremely skilled in it yet. With more practice, I should be able to do it all hand drawn, but this time, this will suffice. :)

Jeremiah 29-12-13-blog.jpg

It will be matted with a white mat and with a black frame. I am really excited for this gift, and I think she'll like it. We'll see! 

Would love to hear your thoughts!