College Students

So when people say "college students" here, they don't think "university" like we do in the state's. Here, "college" means in the U.S. 11th and 12th grade. It has confused me you people in the State's can imagine. :) It's because they follow the British system here when it comes to education (and many other things), so as a result I understand the UK much better! 

So I was out photographing college students for the exhibition and this student wanted his picture taken.  I had my wide angle on, so I had to kind of get close, which was slightly awkward, but it worked! 

On a tangent...I am loving Pentatonix's Christmas CD! It is awesome! If you haven't heard of them, go find their CD on Amazon. They produce amazing stuff! I love it when a group of talented people get together and create excellent work!

Have a great day!