Hanging Out

One thing that all college students have in common is hanging out with friends. 

When I say "college students", I don't mean University. Here the lingo is different. College students here mean 11th-12th graders. The school system here still confuses me - it's the same as the British system, I believe (British friends, correct me if I'm wrong!). 

This is a café type place where the college students can gather in between classes to eat snacks and hang out. Interestingly enough, in this photo there are no drinks or food...but this really is the place where they do eat and drink. :) I promise. 

This picture is also part of the photo exhibition I'm doing for the University. I don't think it's going to be at the exhibition, hence the reason why I'm showing it. :) 

Being Sunday today, I have had a nice bit of relaxing myself. I made "Cherry Apple Pie" for the first time, hung out with my hubs, got ready for the next week and I'm about to read an awesome series. It's been a good day. :)

Hope your Sunday was wonderful and you're now ready to plunge back into work and life!