Graffiti in Sofia

One thing that surprised me about Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) was the graffiti everywhere. It was surprisingly in many places. Next to one of the fun soup shops that we visited I found this wall of graffiti and thought it was interesting.

I did cross-process in photoshop (which technically means in film to process a photo in a chemical meant for a different type of film), which gives the image a more 'vintage' or different colored look. In photoshop, you can do it pretty easily. Ah, the digital age. 

I am not so much of a techy-photography-geek kind of person, but I do know some things. :) I would just rather pick up my camera and shoot and figure out later the technical term for what I did. That's what I do most of the time, actually! Just now after 8 years of shooting am I figuring some of these things out!

Anyways - hope you have a wonderful Saturday!