Bakery + Me = A Happy Person :)

One of the fun things, as I mentioned previously, about Turkey was their bread. We went to a bakery and I took some pictures of the bread (which you can see here and here). I just love going to Bakeries and I love bread. I inherited that quality from my Dad. :) I wanted to share some of the other pictures I took from my time:

Here you can see the man making the bread--I think he might be making Simit with the dough (read about simit here).

This pictured above is rusk. In the U.S. we don't eat much rusk (at least my family didn't), but it's seemingly a big thing abroad. Even where I live you can find it at almost every place you buy bread at. I honestly don't know what they eat it with...maybe someone can fill me in? :) 

I love that every country you go to you can always find a different kinds of bread. Some are the same and some are so different!

Hope you enjoy your Friday! :)