Behind the Scenes

There are always those people who are behind the scenes, faithfully working and never complaining. They make the bigger picture always look better, and without them, it wouldn't be the same.

Those people at this university are these guys:

I only got to meet with about 10 of the 50 gardeners on campus, but these guys are really faithful to their work. They are always sweeping the streets to make the university look cleaner, cutting the bushes, planting the beautiful flowers, mowing the grass and so on. These guys are very invaluable to life here! 

I did a photo shoot with them back in August for the photo exhibition and it was so much fun. This photo was one of the ones we were thinking about using for the exhibition, but decided to use a different one. 

During the shoot, they were all so serious. I mean, 1. a woman was taking their picture, 2. a FOREIGN woman was taking their picture, 3. they're having their picture taken (which is unusual), and 4. not sure why, but people don't smile here in photos. I've heard people say that they think smiling in pictures make them look silly. I, on the other hand, think the opposite. I like smiles. :)

So before catching this shot, I told them in Urdu, "Why are all of your so serious?!" They seemed to think this was funny (probably because the foreign woman taking their picture spoke Urdu!) and therefore busted out in laughter! I snapped as fast as I could in that moment. The laughter lasted only a few seconds before they realized I was capturing their photo and their faces went back to the previous serious look. 

People are so wonderful! I just love that laughter is shared quality among all people. We all have moments of laughter and happiness. I love that I caught them in that moment.