Cute Babies & Project Ideas

I currently have three shoots that I have done that I need to post! I have been so busy that even posting one picture a day has been a stretch (yet, I have done it)! This is one from a shoot I did back in September. Such an awesome family (and they have a really cute baby!)!

Also, now that the photo exhibition is done...I feel like I need to do another project. I have two brewing around in my mind. 

1. Break the Rules: This project would actually focus on breaking the rules of photography to just create artwork without caring what others think. :) So that might include (but is not limited to) out of focus photos, strange positioning of subjects, etc.! Not sure all what it means yet, but I'm thinking for the new year this might be my project.

2. Shooting in the Raw: I feel like now-a-days photos are photoshopped WAY too much! What is real anymore? Yes, sometimes photoshopping really adds to the photo, but what happened to learning your camera well to produce excellent photos? I want to grow in this area, so I've had the idea of taking photos....and not editing them. *gulp* AT ALL. I'm a little nervous about this one. It'll take some stretching on my part to show you work without edits. However, I want to prove that good pictures don't have to have editing. 

What do you think? Which project do you like? Tell me! Vote here (and like my page while you're at it if you haven't already!)!