There are many sports here on campus, but one of them is boxing. My husband participates in this sport everyday and really enjoys it (although it sometimes makes me a little nervous). The boxing club is a small group, but they have fun together. 

While I was out taking pictures, this day in particular had fantastic lighting and I was able to capture this. There is no color change done to the photo--that is ALL real!

I was going to choose this one for the exhibition, but after some talking with everyone, we decided to go with some other sport photos. It was a hard call for me because the lighting is so dreamy to me. :)

The exhibition is coming up in the next couple weeks and I'm getting nervous. Mostly because this has been anticipated by me for so long and I have to give a speech. ha. I know that's probably the least thing to worry about, but I really don't care for public speaking! Teaching is different--it's fun and interactive. Giving a just seems intimidating. Anyways, I'm sure it'll go fine. I can do it. :) I've gone this far, haven't I? 

Have a great Wednesday! It's the middle of the week already!