What's going on?!

Sometimes when I experience cultural things, I can't help but think--what's going on?! Sometimes I really have no clue. Like, for example, what you see in the photo above. I now know, but I didn't fully understand in the beginning. I'll explain. 

The people holding the scarf or dupatta are waiting for the groom to come. The people waiting are the bride's family and friends. In this culture, the groom actually walks a fair distance to the tent or location where the bride's family and friends are waiting. When he and his entourage finally gets there, they throw flowers on him and hold the dupatta or a ribbon up. The groom then asks for permission to enter. When permission is given, he gives money in order to enter. If it's a dupatta, they will just lower it for him to enter, but when it's a ribbon, the groom will cut it. I'm not sure what's behind this tradition, but, that's how they roll.

The groom on the far right, has flowers covering his face and I don't know if you can tell, but he has money taped to him. It's kind of like the 'money dance' in America. On the way to this tent, his family and friends were celebrating, dancing, playing music, and taping money onto his shirt for him and his new bride to have (or for him to use to pay to get in!). Before passing into the tent, for Christian families they will pray for him and sing a hymn together. Then he will pass on through the tent.

Weddings are a big deal here and are celebrated with gusto. Sometimes I am amazed at all the traditions that they do--and I'm sure there are many more I just don't see or understand!

This reminds me that we really are all the same--we all celebrate weddings. We all find joy when our families grow. People all over the world aren't so different. :)

How are weddings celebrated where you live?