Food Staples

In every culture there is the 'go-to' food for having a guest over or a dish that almost everyone loves. In the place I live, it's Biriyani (hands down), but another staple is Karahi - this below, is Chicken Karahi. It's okay if you drool; I did when I first saw it! :) (and it was worth drooling over!)

Chicken Karahi is a spicy, saucy dish that you eat with roti or naan. The green leaves you see over top is Cilantro (or for some of you that is called coriander) and it adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Chicken Karahi is often cooked in a Karahi (what you see there in the picture). I love our Karahi. It is one of the best pieces of crockery I've ever purchased. It's kind of like a wok in size and in function.

Many people eat this dish and love it, but since it's meat it's normally cooked only for special occasions since meat is kind of pricey for most. 

So now, I don't blame you if you decide to go find Chicken Karahi! :) I might have to do to the same thing myself, although for me it's pretty easy to find. 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!