Tea Heaven

Can we say tea heaven?

So over the last few years I have developed a deep liking for tea. I probably drink about 1-2 liters of hot tea a day (even during the summer!). Some might say that's excessive--and maybe it is--but, I justify it by saying that I don't put any milk or sugar in my tea. :) So I'm basically just drinking water and what has been steeped by the tea leaves. 

When we came across this store, I was enthralled at looking at all the different kinds of tea they had. It may surprise you, but the country I live in does not sell tea like this. They favor the British style of tea with a lot more milk (some say it's 3/4 milk and a 1/4 water). All the tea I can find is bagged, not full leaf and normally just black tea, which is no fun for me. 

This shop had a multitude of flavors! It was quite amazing. 

Do you like tea? If so, what's your favorite? My favorite is Earl Grey (and has been for some time)! Have a great Saturday!