Before & After

I am trying something new today--showing an edited picture and then the picture straight out of the camera (SOOC). 

The first photo on the left is the SOOC and the picture to the right is the edited. I took this yesterday on my walk home from work. The lighting was just perfect, and I wanted to catch some sun glare. None of the sun glare is photoshopped. For this I first handled it in Adobe RAW, enhancing the exposure, color, brightness, etc. I then brought it into photoshop and edited a little more with some actions I've built. I never altered this picture though (by adding anything). I just adjusted as my eyes saw fit.

With all of my photos I rarely do more than this. If the lighting is really uneven, I will do more, but I try to not change much from what I take with my camera. There's nothing wrong with altering a photo - some amazing photographers can create layered images that are phenomenal, but my goal is to take pictures and enhance them just enough to look better.

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