Kids + Photo Shoot = A Tired Photographer :)

If any of you has a kid, has taken pictures of kids, been around a kid, have seen a kid somewhere, etc. :) you know how much energy they have! When I take pictures of kids, I have to wear the right shoes to run around and try to get that moment of them having fun. Let's face it - taking pictures can be a strange thing for anyone, and for a kid it can be intimidating. Therefore, the photographer has to give a lot of energy in making them laugh, you have to run around as they play and just have fun with them. By the end of a shoot - you just want to sleep. :)

I did a fun photo shoot of a family a month back and haven't had the chance to post the pictures! This is one of them and I just happened to catch him at the right time! He didn't want his picture taken that day (I have lots of pouty faces from him :), but I got him with a small smile! :) I counted this a victory. 

Taking pictures of children is a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun and worth it.