Sports: Basketball

For the photo exhibition I'm doing for the University, I am trying to take pictures of all things here--students, staff, the gardeners, security, etc. Included in that is sports! On a University campus, sports are such a big part of life! 

When I was walking around shooting the other day, I was able to capture some of the guys playing basketball. Thought this was a fun shot.

I have another shot that I'll most likely use for the exhibition, but I thought this was a great shot that showed a lot of anticipation from the players. The variety of spots on campus is amazing, actually. There is basketball, cricket, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, swimming, boxing, and the list goes on! I hope that I'm able to capture enough to really express life here.

What are your plans this weekend? My plan is to catch up with all the photos I've been taking lately. I have been very busy preparing for this exhibition, so I've only had time to take the photos and load them on my computer. 

Whatever you do, I hope it's relaxing and enjoyable!