Tell A Story

One of the things I've been learning A LOT about lately is becoming a better story teller. While I am a photographer and take photos of many things, a photo is just a photo without a story behind it. Yes, a photo can speak 1,000 words, but it's good to tell the story behind the photo in order to experience the photo even more. Like this one:

What could this photo tell you? Maybe the ocean, sea, that I was somewhere beautiful, etc. All these things are true, but this is the story behind the photo:

While Joshua and I were eating lunch, we looked out over this water. Next to us, to the left where you cannot see, is a pebble beach. People were playing in the cool water, relaxing on beach chairs and having fun. The sounds were laughter, the sea lapping and boats buzzing by (as you see in the photo). The air was warm, but not too hot. There was a cool breeze that brought smells of sea and the food we were eating. 

While we ate, we relaxed, enjoyed the site, smells and sounds and we thanked God that we were able to be at such a place. We felt blessed that day.

Every picture has a story behind it. Maybe the story doesn't seem that exciting to you, but it's fun to relive what you experienced at that moment, a way to practice telling stories and a way to share it with others! Have a great day!